Code of Ethics

In order to define clearly and transparently the set of values that inspire them to promote the creation of long-term value for their stakeholders, Banco di Desio e della Brianza SpA and the other companies belonging to the Banco Desio Group hereby establish, with this Code of Ethics, a reference model of behaviour to guide the professional involvement of each Group employee (including those in positions of responsibility, such as directors, statutory auditors and members of senior management), as well as external collaborators and others who have business relationships with the Group. This Code of Ethics is therefore to be understood also as a Code of Conduct.

In particular, according with the business conduct rules incorporated in the Code of Ethics, the Group requires its commercial partners:

  • to comply with the principles of social responsibility referred to above in working relationships with its employees and sub-contractors and to adopt formal policies and/or certifications on health and safety in the workplace to guarantee the well-being of their human resources, developing initiatives to creating positive impacts on their local communities;
  • to recognise the importance of protecting human rights in business and the adoption of formal policies as a sign of a concrete commitment to eliminate child labour, forced labour and respect for the freedom of association, collective bargaining and non-discrimination;
  • a concrete social commitment to activities that raise awareness and promote respect for these issues along their supply chain, developing initiatives designed to create positive impacts in their local communities;
  • to comply with the principles contained in our Group policies, particularly with regard to anti-corruption and anti-money laundering;
  • compliance with the relevant national and international environmental regulations and a concrete commitment to raise awareness of respect for the environment and the conservation of natural resources along their supply chain, adopting policies and implementing initiatives consistent with our own and designed to create positive impacts on their local communities.
Last updated 01/26/2021