In 2013, the Board of Directors met 15 times.

Board of directors
(appointed by the Meeting on 28 April 2011 and ending with the approval of the financial statements as 31 December 2013)
TitleName and SurnameIndependentExecutiveNo. of attendances on total 2013
Chairman Agostino Gavazzi No Yes (*) 15
Vice Chairman Stefano Lado No Yes (*) 15
CEO Tommaso Cartone No Yes 15
Director Guido Pozzoli No No 14
Director Lorenzo Rigodanza Yes No 14
Director Marina Brogi
(fino al 09.05.2013)
Yes No 3
Director Cristina Finocchi Mahne
(dal 30.5.2013)
Yes No 9
Director Pier Antonio Cutellè Yes No 15
Director Egidio Gavazzi No Yes (*) 14
Director Luigi Gavazzi No No 15
Director Paolo Gavazzi No No 15
Director Gerolamo Pellicano' Yes No 15
Managing Director Claudio Broggi 15
Vice-Managing Director Luciano Colombini
(dal 22.7.2013)
Vice-Managign Director Marco Sala 14

Average duration of 2013 BoD and Committe Meetings about 3h 35 min.

Last updated 12/21/2014