Our business

We transform your needs into opportunities. Our range of banking, financial and insurance products evolves through an ongoing and multi-channel dialogue with our customers. Therefore we place the greatest value on our expertise and on your trust.


More than a century innovating products, processes and structures, without ever betraying our vocation: to understand the needs of the customers and respond effectively and in step with the times.

Thanks to the companies of the Group, we are now able to meet your needs with a wide range of products encompassing the banking, financial and insurance sectors.

Our business model views the relationship with the customer as an inalienable value that must permeate the daily activities we carry out at the branch offices of the distribution network, and that must create and strengthen new communication paths.

Within the context of the full development of multi-channel support, the continuous enhancement of on-line product services is a fundamental step to ensure that the virtual bank operates with the same spirit that has always been characteristic of the traditional bank.

Last updated 10/04/2019