Relevant Shareholders

The Group developes a dialogue with the market by adopting engagement policies that are complementary to those of institutional investors and asset managers.

The Group pursues a policy of fair treatment for all shareholders by facilitating the exercise of the right to vote and to attend shareholders' meetings.

The Group encourages the completeness, transparency and equality of information to protect the interests of our shareholders.

In addition to the Financial Statements and the Half-Year Financial Report, prepared on a mandatory basis, the Group prepares on a voluntary basis, in the form of a press release, the “Consolidated Quarterly Financial Reports” at March 31 and September 30 of each year :

The Group also publishes an annual document containing information regarding capital adequacy, exposure to risks and the general characteristics of the systems used to identify, measure and manage these risks ("BASEL 3 THIRD PILLAR - NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC")

The Group provides an e-mail address dedicated to relations with shareholders:

The Group requires Significant Shareholders (natural and legal persons whose shareholding in a Group Company exceeds 5% of the voting rights) to adopt behaviour that complies with the principles laid down in this Code of Ethics, also with respect for the rules and recommendations specified:

Model 231 contains, among other things, as far as the interests of the Shareholders are concerned, specific safeguards regarding relations with regulatory bodies.

The Relevant Shareholders are currently the following:

Brianza Unione di Luigi Gavazzi e Stefano Lado SApA50,41Pdf
Avocetta SpA8,41Pdf
Lado Stefano (di cui 5,62% tramite Vega Finanziaria SpA)*7,38Pdf

Articles of association (art. 4.2) states that, in relation to the remuneration policies yearly approved by the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting, the Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting may pass, in accordance with art. 2349 of the Italian Civil Code, a resolution on the allocation of profits and/or profit reserves to employees of the company or of subsidiaries, through a share issue or issue of other financial instruments to be allocated on an individual basis, in accordance with prevailing law. There are no shareholding plans of this kind currently in effect.

Last updated 05/11/2023