1909 Cassa Rurale di Desio is founded

1925 The bank takes the name of Banco Desio, is converted into a joint-stock company and opens the first branch office in Novi Milanese 

1967 With the merger by incorporation of Banca della Brianza, Banco Desio doubles its presence in the territory (21 branch offices)

1978 The first Milan branch office, in Piazza Affari, is opened 

1986 In September, the new offices are inaugurated in Desio 

1989 The bank employs 639 people and has 29 branch offices in the Lombardy region

1995 Banco Desio is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange

1999 Banco Desio acquires control of the asset management company Anima and inaugurates in Florence its 62nd branch office, the first outside of Lombardy 

2005 With the Piacenza branch office, Banco Desio reaches 100 branches

2007 Fides spa, a company specialised in salary-backed loans, is acquired by the Desio Group

2009 The Group celebrates its 100 year anniversary.

It now has 161 branch offices and 1,774 employees.

2014 Banca Popolare di Spoleto is acquired by the Banco Desio Group       

Last updated 04/29/2015