Territory and Community

We are a territorial bank: the relationship with the customers and the attention given to the context in which we operate are essential elements of our work

From its origin, Banco Desio has pursued a path of growth and development in compliance with the values and principles of reference which, still now, remain the cornerstones of its work:

  • Centring the focus on the relationship with the customer. A relationship based on mutual respect of each other's role, and on trust, fairness and transparency;
  • Giving constant attention to the economic and social context of reference, to its history, evolution and future.

For Banco Desio, to be a territorial bank means to fit its offering of products and services into a framework that being well known, mutual and shared, can allow us to best customise the quality of our offerings and our relationships.  

All activities that place Banco Desio and the companies of the Group in relation to the territory and subjects populating it, are derived from these strong convictions, whether they are linked to the support of production, asset management and investments, or to assistance, or to a further development and social support as well as to all the forms of expression and association that a territory is capable of generating.

All of this is possible because we share a common history.

Last updated 12/21/2014